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His primary interest is in organisational climate - “what it feels like to work here” - and its effects on performance.

Organisational climate assessment
Early research led to the development of an organisational climate assessment instrument (OCA). which has been widely used to provide valuable management insights.
The Padua Paradigm

Assessment of the current organisational climate allows practical steps to be planned to make real improvements, with performance dividends.

The 2002 monograph The Padua Paradigm explains how this instrument is used.. Click on the icon for full text pdf.

Many research projects are designed to investigate a specific issue and will never be repeated in quite the same form. Some perennial issues do, though, frequently recur. These are some examples:
Other research projects
Employee engagement & motivation
Departmental purpose analysis
Process mapping
Training needs analysis
How do people feel about their organisation, their work, their managers? What needs to change?

People usually know what their  department or team does but they also need to know why: how their work fits into the wider picture, its importance, and how others are affected by it.

The way work is organised often develops over time. Identifying all the activities  in a given work area and the links between them can help to eliminate wasted effort and lead to more harmonious interactions between people and teams.

A structured assessment of the skills and knowledge that are required to do a job well, compared with an assessment of the skills and knowledge the people who have to do the job actually possess, enabling useful, cost-effective training to be planned.

Profile of Roderic Gray
Roderic Gray research interests
Roderic Gray has been conducting and directing both commercial and academic people-related research  in a broad range of organisations for over 30 years