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Using case studies to illustrate the causes and consequences of various climate factors it makes practical suggestions for how improvements can be made – to everyone's benefit. Building on current research, it shows how perceptions of climate arise, the effects they can have on performance, and how managers can influence these perceptions and apply their understanding to improve their own and their people's effectiveness.
Managers at all levels will find valuable insights in A Climate of Success which will point the way to improved performance, whilst the research–based foundations will make it invaluable for business students too. The key message from this book is the importance of behaviours and actions by leaders and managers that can lead to a supportive climate that respects and reinforces employee commitment that thereby contributes to the longer term sustainability of the organisation.
Published May 2007 by Butterworth Heinemann.  Later editions published by Routledge (Taylor & Francis)   ISBN 9780750683685
A Climate of Success
Creating the right organizational climate for high performance

What does it feel like to work in your organization and what effect does that have on the quality and quantity of what gets done? A Climate of Success examines the concept of organisational climate ('what it feels like to work here') in a readable and accessible way without sacrificing academic rigour.
Climate of Success Korean
Korean edition published in Seoul 2015 PMI Group
ISBN 9791195273515



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