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somehow to match the things they need to get done with things their employees want to do. Excellent individual performance has to be facilitated; by the right organisational setting, and the right management to ensure that their people are allowed to give their best. This book explores the dynamics that influence these characteristics, and sets out the management tools to nurture successful outcomes. This book will help managers close the gap between what people want and what they want people to do.
A uniquely illuminating and accessible synthesis of the science of human behaviour – translated and applied for the modern business. How People Work bridges the gap between academic theory and management practice, and between the disciplines of psychology, sociology and business. How People Work is a field guide to people and performance. Working from the framework of a nine–point "catechism of excellence" the author examines all the key factors that make a difference to individual and organisational success.  Readable and practical, yet firmly based in scholarship, this book makes research–based principles readily accessible to busy managers.

Published December 2004 by FT/Prentice Hall. ISBN 0273694901
How People Work
and how you can help them to give their best

An insightful companion to the art of understanding and motivating people, How People Work explores the science of human behaviour and translates the key lessons into tools for thoughtful and effective management.

What motivates employees and managers is changing, and managers will have to get better at motivating rather than instructing. The challenge for managers is

How People Work Chinese
Chinese edition published in Beijing 2008 China Market Press ISBN 9787509202685


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