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Dimensions of Competitiveness
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Organisational Climate and the Competitive Edge  in L Lloyd-Reason & S Wall [Eds] Dimensions of Competitiveness: Issues and Policies  Cheltenham, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2000  ISBN 1840645687
A research-based expaloration of the relationship between organisational climate and organisational success and competitive advantage.
Project Oct 99
Feelgood Factor  Project -  the journal of the Association for Project Management, October 1999
A discussion of research showing that the climate, or perceived atmosphere, of an organisation is directly related to the success of the work being done.
IJPM 17,6
Issues in programme integration (with P J Bamford) International Journal of Project Management  Vol 17 No 6, 1999
A consideration of the inevitable complexities in the interactions of projects and programmes with each other, with "business as usual", and with corporate objectives and strategy.
IJPM 15,1
Alternative approaches to programme management  International Journal of Project Management  Vol 15 No 1, 1997
An  examination of the concept of programme, and discussion of various ways of coordinating and controlling the constituent projects within a programme structure..
Project Manager Today Sept 1996
It Takes All Sorts  Project Manager Today  September 1996
A light-hearted look at some of the characters you might meet in a project team, such as the Manual-Minder, the Carpetbagger and the Technophobe, with some ideas on how to handle them
Project Manager Today April 1996
Gang Aft Agley  Project Manager Today  April 1996
This article argues the case for a "soft" and flexible approach to project planning, and briefly introduces chaos theory and systems thinking
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Project management
Projects and Project Management a review of the literature    Kumpania Consulting Practitioner Paper series 1998
Considers what a project is and what project management entails, and significant issues in the application of project management in an organisational environment are addressed
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